How To Setup And Use Netflix Party Extension For Chrome

netflix party extension

Netflix party extension? Great idea! Well, now the question arises on how to set up and use the Netflix party extension? Now one question arising in my mind that do you all exactly know what Netflix party extension is? How does it work? Now you must be thinking that do you need to …

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How To Make Bootable Pendrive (3 Best Methods)

how to make bootable pendrive

As the latest technologies emerge, the CD/DVD drive is removed from almost all of the latest laptops or PC’s, and due to this, we suffer when we need to install any operating system on our device, this is where the question arises in our mind, how to make bootable pendrive? We all know …

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How To Fix Discord Stuck On Connecting Error (16 Easy Hacks)


There’s no doubt in saying that Discord is one of the best VOIP apps for Gamers with over 250 million registered users and growing. Still, sometimes we get errors on discord, such as Discord stuck on connecting or Discord RTC connecting error, which interrupts our gaming experience. Discord has good client support, but …

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