SurfShark VPN Free Trial – Get 30 Days Free VPN Trial in 2024

Is SurfShark VPN free trial available? Is it really worth it? Is it worth investing our time in this free trial? If you are new in the VPN market, then these questions have obviously teased you a lot.

Well, it’s a tough job to choose a perfect VPN which is perfectly suitable for all your needs and This is a human tendency that before investing our money in something, we want to be sure that if it is really good for us.

It’s absolutely fair that even if the whole world is asking you to buy SurfShark VPN, you may still want to give it a try before investing your money into it. Well, me being me still want to tell you that SurfShark VPN is considered as fastest, super reliable, and exceptionally affordable VPN service in the market out there, and at the end of the article, you will surely agree with me, buddy!

Sound interesting?

This is exactly why we are here to provide you SurfShark VPN free trial. We have explained the whole procedure of having the SurfShark VPN free trial in a few easy steps.

So, here in this guide, I am going to tell you how you can get SurfShark VPN free trial. Be seated and just scroll down.

With most of the free VPN trials, you will get only some of the limited premium features to access and many of them even limit you from using bandwidth or even restrict the number of servers for VPN.


It’s not the same with Surfshark VPN free trial, you have got all of their premium features with no restrictions to their number of servers or bandwidth, you can also access the premium customer support of SurfShark VPN if you encounter any issues during your trial period.

Start Your Free Surfshark VPN Trial Now


How to get SurfShark VPN Free Trial

We totally aware of this thing that you are new in this VPN market. This is only why we have discussed the free trial procedure in just a few easy steps.

So, Let’s get started…

Step 1: First of all, We want you to click here which visit you directly to the SurfShark VPN page, and you will get a coupon of 79% off, which has already been pre-activated by us just for you. All you have to do is click on the link, and you can enjoy the bumper discount. So don’t wait. Just click on the link.

Tiffanyferg Surfshark coupon code — get a VPN with a 83% discount | by Ser Dziumian | Medium

Step 2: Well, as we are expecting that you have already availed of the discount which we have mentioned in step one. Now comes step 2. You just have to click on the link here, and you will go directly to the SurfShark VPN signup page, and don’t you worry about all discount coupons that have been already applied if you visit the step one link.

Now click on the red-colored “Buy Now” button. It will redirect you to the choose plan page.

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Here I am choosing 24 months plan so that I can avail myself of a 79% discount for 24 months subscription. You can choose any plan as per your need. Once it’s done next step is “create your account,” and for creating your account, you have to fill in your email address in this.

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Step 3 (Optional): Well, before explaining step 3, I want to tell you that step 3 is totally optional, but we consider it our duty to explain every detail about is so I am still gonna tell you about it.

This optional feature is provided by SurfShark VPN that is Surfshark Alert also known as Hacklock (which let you check the website you access to make your email secured and will alert you if there is some issue) and Blindsearch also known as Surfshark Search ( which enable you to browse the net privately and without any ads to annoy you, no logs and many more )

As I have mentioned before, this step is totally optional if you want to enjoy these two features in your SurfShark VPN trial so you can enable them; otherwise, you can skip this step as well.

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Step 4: Well done, You have done a great job till now, and we are here on our last step of the subscription of the SurfShark VPN trial that is the “Select payment method.” Now you have to just pay the remaining amount after the applied coupon as per your plan.

Here almost all kinds of payment methods are available just for your ease. You can choose any method such as google pay, credit card, PayPal, amazon pay, various cryptocurrency, etc.

Once it is done, there is a tiny thing to do. You have to verify your email, which you have filled in step two. Go to your email account and click on the verification link you got.

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After verifying your email successfully, Open the SurfShark VPN account login page, or just for your comfort, we have mentioned the link here. You can just click here and go directly to the login page from here.

Now, after login, click on the “Download VPN” option to download SurfShark VPN to your laptop or PC, or your mobile device. Once the file is downloaded, just follow the normal procedure you do with any other app.

Congratulations again, you have subscribed SurfShark VPN successfully.


How to Cancel SurfShark VPN & Get a Full Refund

We have explained the whole procedure to get the SurfShark VPN free trial, so we consider it our duty to explain to you the procedure of canceling the subscription of SurfShark VPN.

If you don’t want to continue with SurfShark VPN, you can easily cancel your subscription and can easily get your money back as er promised.

Just follow the steps below to cancel your SurfShark VPN subscription.

  • Log in to your SurfShark VPN account.
  • Now go to the account section and search the subscription panel and click on the “cancel subscription” button.
  • Now, check your email. You will get an email to confirm your cancelation of the subscription.

See, that was so easy, isn’t it?

How To Request SurfShark VPN For a Refund

You have canceled your subscription, Now just in case you didn’t get an email confirming your refund, Don’t panic. You will get your refund. Just follow the given steps to contact directly to the support team of the SurfShark VPN.

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You can email their support team at, or you can contact them through the live chat option, which is available on their official website. You just have to tell them all your account details which are necessary, or maybe you have to answer to their some of the questions, and they will surely process your refund as per their policy.

Here’s the link to some essential terms about Surfshark refund policy;

  • If you believe that you are not fully satisfied with the Surfshark VPN services, then you can request your full refund from them during the 30 days of the purchase of your VPN plan from Surfshark under their “Money Back Guarantee” Policy.
  • Refunds usually take 1 week to process and are provided to you with the same payment method which was used at the time of your purchase.
  • All refund amounts are processed in USD, so the refund amount may sometimes differ from the sum paid by you initially if you made your purchase from a currency other than USD.

SurfShark VPN Free Trial – Quick Review 

We all face many restrictions in every place so in-country as well, But thanks to SurfShark VPN they help us to beat these restrictions. SurfShark VPN helps us to make ourselves invisible in the world of the web.

Earlier, They used to provide a 30-days free trial instead of 30 days money-back guarantee trial to their new users but quality things have quality costs. They still provide a free trial but just for 7 days. SurfShark claims to be the best all-around VPN absolutely great for Netflix, Torrenting, and many websites.

I think each one would agree with me if I say not every person has the same taste in anything so just in case you would not want to continue after the 30-day money-back guarantee trial you can easily get your money even after your 30 days trial.

SurfShark VPN could be the best choice you would make and I think you must want to go on a ride for 30 days with SurfShark VPN in which you can easily have the advantage of using each and every feature of SurfShark VPN. You really should be ready and prepared to wipe your footprints on the world of the web.


Why choose SurfShark VPN?

Well, you have got so far till now, So I am very sure that you must have thought that why should you choose SurfShark VPN anyway but don’t worry, buddy! Your fellow, your guide is just here to tell you that why you should choose SurfShark VPN.

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Here in this guide, we are gonna discuss that actually, what are the benefits you got after choosing SurfShark VPN, or I should say why you should go for SurfShark VPN.

Let’s get started…

Reliable security feature

I don’t think there is someone who doesn’t like their privacy. I mean, obviously, we do, isn’t it? If you are a social bug, so buddy, let me tell you this is the perfect feature for you, which is provided by SurfShark VPN.

There are so many examples out there that the most secure website has been attacked by the person who wants their personal data and financial information. So the primary goal of SurfShark VPN is to keep you safe online.

SurfShark VPN makes sure that not any hacker can access your online data or any other detail.

Unrestricted Access to Blocked Sites

You must have faced a problem like you cannot access any site just because of your location. This is a very general issue of those countries that have some restricted censorship laws. SurfShark VPN is your solution to this problem. SurfShark VPN lets you bypass those restrictions.

There are features called Camouflage mode and noBorder mode. Camouflage mode helps to hide your IP address from your internet service provider so that you can access those websites. The NoBorder mode works the same way.

Privacy-focused policy

I guess some of you know that SurfShark VPN is based on the British virgin island, and this location is very popular among VPN companies due to its lax data retention law. Yes, this is a British territory, but still, the region is not any part of any of the known international surveillance groups.

Some VPN providers keep their eyes on your time of the server, and even if in any case, they would be asked about anything. They won’t get any choice but hand it over all the data they have.

So, I think that is the biggest advantage of having a SurfShark VPN. The privacy should be your top priority, and this is a win of SurfShark VPN that they don’t have anything to give up.


One more amazing feature of SurfShark VPN is the split tunneling feature, or you can say whitelister. This mode enables you to select certain websites that should be accessed outside the realm of the VPN.

Unlimited simultaneous connection

This amazing feature is my personal favorite. When the other biggest names in the VPN market put strict restrictions on how many devices you can tunnel through the network at the same time. SurfShark VPN doesn’t have any restrictions like this.

SurfShark VPN gives you full freedom to use a VPN with all of your computers, phone, tablets, and many more you want, and yes, you will be able to browse privately across all of your connections.

Good connection speeds and Bandwidth

Every person wants a very good speed of the internet, and this is a very common complaint with all the VPN because your data is sent through a VPN tunnel, so there will be a major issue of decreasing speed.

SurfShark VPN does a really great job of providing you with very great speed. This is the feature many person demands in the VPN, and now SurfShark is here with it.

As for bandwidth, SurfShark has no data caps. You can easily send and receive as much data as you like.

User-friendly Operation

SurfShark takes care of its new users personally. SurfShark doesn’t want you to get lost while using it. You don’t need to be any tech expert for using SurfShark VPN. All you have to do is log in to your account information and click on the quick connect button.

Now rest for a while because SurfShark will find the best server for you and apply all the safety protocols on behalf of you.


SurfShark VPN for Netflix

There is no doubt that there is a vast number of people all over the world who are mad about watching Netflix shows and we are all aware of this fact as well that there are some restrictions for watching some particular shows.

Surfshark Review 2020: A Secure & Reliable VPN for $2.49/mo


SurfShark could be your best shot to solve this problem and we personally checked it and after all the investigation we are assuring you this. If you are in a search of a VPN that could unblock Netflix then SurfShark VPN could be your destination.


SurfShark VPN for Amazon Prime

We all know how much buzz Amazon Prime has created for itself all over the globe. Amazon Prime Video is the most popular video streaming site that you could use and with the help of Amazon Prime Video, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows which are under Amazon’s library.

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If you use SurfShark VPN and connect to a server in any one of these countries, like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Germany then it will easily unblock Amazon Prime Video providing you with access to watch any show or film even if that particular film is restricted in your country, so yeah I guess SurfShark is your best pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SurfShark VPN offer any free trial?

Absolutely, They do provide 7 days free trial, But if you want to make sure that SurfShark is best for you, then I personally recommend you choose 30 days free trial by which comes with 30 days full refund policy. 30 days is sufficient time to judge whether SurfShark is suitable for you or not.

Can I access online content on Netflix, HBO, and other streaming services by using this VPN?

Yes, You can easily access online content on Netflix, HBO, and any other streaming services by using SurfShark VPN without compromising on your internet speed. You can easily unblock any kind of restriction by using the SurfShark VPN.

Can I use SurfShark on my router?

Umm, totally yes, as long as your router supports OpenVPN protocol, You should be able to install SurfShark Vpn on it.

How do I set up SurfShark VPN on my smart TV?

You can use the Windows PC with window 10 which has SurfShark VPN installed. After that, you can easily use your PC as a mobile hotspot and connect your smart TV to it. B this way you can easily set up SurfShark VPN with your smart TV. Well, This is the simplest and easy way to set up SurfShark VPN on your smart TV.


Final words

No matter how beautiful or how amazing anything is, if it is not useful to you, it is just nothing to you. Thanks to SurfShark VPN, who provides us an amazing experience by using it with our whole refundable money.

There are plenty of options in the VPN market, so before making a wrong move, it’s better to have a trial of some VPN’s After all it’s a long-term financial commitment.

Whether you are enticed by its security feature or user-friendly feature, SurfShark VPN must deserve your attention. I personally used SurfShark VPN for a while, and I am very impressed with its all features.

Being a social bug, you must need a VPN, and what would be better than the SurfShark VPN. The whole procedure is explained to you, and all you need to do is just scroll up and just go for a trial, my friend, you will surely like it.

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