SEO Content: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Beginners feel much more difficulty in knowing about SEO. People who do not search for it have to strive hard to improve their website ranking.

It is because they do not know what search engine optimization is and how to use it. After getting to know about SEO, they felt much panic and stressed about doing it perfectly.

They hire SEO experts and pay them to provide quality services to them. You would be much pleased to know that having SEO knowledge at the initial is beneficial and helps generate valuable success right from the beginning.

SEO Content

You can do the SEO of your website on your own. Sounds weird? Well, it is not! SEO online tools are available to help you out in your journey. You can excel in the online world and do not need to be frustrated at all. A little hard work and a lot more smart work will take you closer to your destination. Here are some exciting plus useful tips for SEO beginners to implement:

Write SEO friendly Content:

Writing SEO-friendly content will help you to gain more and more organic traffic. A plagiarism check is necessary, which is not tough at all. Use an online tool to check plagiarism of the content. Ensure they produce quality content for your website. Copyright checker will help you identify whether it contains some duplicate content in it or not. Use the following tips to get the optimized SEO of your website content.

  • Use shorter sentences
  • Keep the readability high
  • Go through plagiarism check every time before publishing content
  • Use headings and subheadings properly
  • The article must seem engaging and attractive
  • Use a unique writing style
  • Take aid of examples and write in a friendly tone
  • Provide valuable information
  • Ask users to share their experience
  • Use bullets and ensure not to have content going the same throughout the end
  • Add introduction and conclusion sagaciously

Use Relevant Images & Videos:

Just like the textual content, the images also demand SEO to let you get a boost. People often overlook SEO of the images as they are not aware of it. Beginners should select the images quite carefully. Using the images with copyright claims can lead to disastrous outcomes, and you may end up declining your reputation.

The reverse image tool will help you to find the revenant images to your niches. Add on alt tags to all the images and use the appropriate title for the images. You must practice using the images with high quality with proper alignment having the most targeted keywords. Look at plagiarism checks all over the website and even in captions too.

You can also add various animated videos explaining the content which will also help you in SEO for even embed relevant videos from youtube to your content.

Use Multiple Targeted Keywords:

Keywords for SEO
How to use Keywords for SEO

No matter either it is the textual content or image, you need to find out the most targeted keywords for this. Make a list of the high-quality keywords for your content, and then use these in the content. Spread it throughout the content and avoid using it all in one place. Using all the keywords in one place will indicate spamming, which reduces the website’s value and reputation. Ultimately, the scoring of the website will decline.

Target multiple keywords in the appropriate density in the content. Indeed, use these keywords in the alt attribute of images. Keyword finder is the right SEO tool for beginners that they must use every time for their content. The prestigious and reliable plagiarism check offers accurate outcomes and reveals the sources too.

Building Strong Connection:

Beginners should get to know about the master formula to success in the online world. IT is often said that you cannot get success until you help others. You have to help others and also help yourself too. Build strong relations with people without any hurdle.

Backlink the keywords that you use on your website. Ensure that the backlink should be of the high authority’s website rather than any random or notorious website. Else, it would lead to harm to your website. Backlink generators and backlink checkers are worthy SEO tools for this. Use them to get a list of backlinks and then screen the quality ones.

One worthy tip for beginners is that they should provide users access to view other influential articles on their website. Use hyperlinks for it to approach directly to the desired page, and you get a reduced bounce rate. Publishing even a single article without the plagiarism check can massively reduce the website ranking.


A plagiarism check will analyze the content within seconds. Check the domain authority (DA) of your website by using the URL of it. It will help you to know the flaws. If there is duplication in the content, then use a plagiarism check to determine its level. Rephrase all the content quite creatively. The algorithm of the website will let you know whether you are mobbing in the right direction or not. The more flaws you will cover, the more success you will ultimately gain. A plagiarism check will help in crafting the masterpieces, ensuring people’s maximum engagement at the website.

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