Elementor Pro Review 2024 [Pricing, Discount, Comparison, Pros & Cons]

Looking for the Elementor pro review? Elementor is one of the best page builders which you’ll ever get for WordPress, but still, if you’re looking for a detailed review, then here we got you covered!

Well, being a WordPress users we know how hard it s to make a designed page on WordPress, And we are also aware of the fact that not every person is a designer or a programmer, Non-programmers have also right to have a designer WordPress page and considering the emotions of non-programmers and non-designers Elementor is made. Don’t rush! we will be having each and every detail regarding Elementor and after all, in this elementor pro review post.

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Here in this guide, we’ll review elementor pro on various bases, including the pros and cons of using this plugin to some of the best competitors available in the market.

Elementor also offers free subscriptions for their users but it has a lot of limitations as compared to elementor pro. So if you are planning on buying an elementor pro subscription then I am sure you must also be looking for a discount, then I would like you to know that elementor doesn’t provide any discount coupon code for its elementor pro license. So it would be only a waste of time searching for some kind of discount for the purchase.

Important Update: 

It means as of now, there is no promotional code available for Elementor Pro, which means, you will only find all the misleading articles on google which are ranking on “elementor pro discount code” but none of the blogs have any working discount coupon code available.

Elementor only provides a discount at some events on its official website only which you can check on its official page here.

Let’s not waste more time just in chit-chat about it and let’s get started.

What is Elementor?

Elementor Review
Elementor Review

Well, I believe there would be some people who would be quite aware of the fact that there is no need for introduction if it comes to Elementor, But I do consider there would be some newbies too and I guess for those I should really tell them how incredible Elementor is. Well, I must say for those people who are not fond of coding and designing Elementor is just the leverage you want mates.

Well, If I just have to give a particular definition of what Elementor is so I would say Elementor is just a page builder which lets you create or you can say it lets you design the pages of your WordPress website. But, It’s not something we haven’t seen, Right? So, Why even we are talking about Elementor, Well, You would doubt that after the end of this post.

Here are some of the top features of elementor which makes it best among the page builders:

  • Easy Drag and Drop
  • Elementor Canvas
  • More than 300+ Templates to use.
  • More than 90+ Widgets.

Elementor License Type

Elementor recently revised its plans, currently, elementor has 6 types of plans available. Those are free, essential, advanced, expert, studio, and agency out of which 1 plan is free with limited functionality and the rest 5 plans are elementor pro plans. Each of the plans provides different features and a number of sites which can be used.

elementor pro review, elementor review
Elementor Pricing

Most people prefer the Expert plan as it is more durable and cost-effective just $199/year and can be used for up to 25 websites as compared to the Advanced plan which offers only 3 websites for $99/year. Here’s a brief explanation of all the plans offered by Elementor along with the difference in each one of them.

1. Free Plan

Elementor offers its free plan which can be used on any number of sites but you cannot use any of the elementor pro features with the free plan. There are various limitations with the free plan on elementor but it’s best to learn & design a small website.

To activate this plan just signup on the Elementor and install the elementor plugin from the wordpress repository and connect the plugin with the Elementor account you just created. You will get 40+ basic widgets along with 30+ templates that you can use to design your website.

2. Essential Plan

This is the best plan if you are having such one personal blog or website and wanted to design it professionally using Elementor. This plan offers to use Elementor pro on only 1 website and comes at a price of $49/year. So if you are planning to try and use elementor pro on your one website then the price is affordable.

The only difference between an essential plan and any other elementor pro plan is the number of websites. Other than that there is no difference in the features and functionality of the other plans.

3. Advanced Plan

The advanced plan comes with the premium plan for up to 3 websites, this plan is purchased by most of the people normally as most of us only manage 2-3 blogs generally. This plan comes at a price of $99/year. So you will get 1 year of updates and support to elementor pro features.

4. Expert Plan

Expert Plan is one of the best plans if we talk about the cost-effective plan as this plan provides the license for up to 25 websites at the price of $199/year. This means you will be getting more than a sufficient limit of websites on which you can use the pro features.

This plan comes in handy if you are working with a group of bloggers and each of you is fond of using elementor page builder. This plan is also best if you are a blogger who makes a lot of websites for experimenting with different niches.

5. Studio Plan

A studio plan is best if you are a freelance developer/designer like me who makes websites for clients. If you work alone then an elementor pro plan for 100 websites is suitable for you.

The studio plan comes at a price of $499/year with a year of VIP support with a live chat option and free update to all the premium features and templates for elementor.

6. Agency Plan

As the name suggests, this plan is for the big agencies that manage a lot of wordpress websites. This is the costlier plan offered by elementor, it costs $999/year for up to 1000 websites.

Agency plans offer VIP Support along with a live chat option so that you can easily contact them for any issues which might occur with you while building a page with elementor.

Elementor Plans Price Number of Sites
Free Plan $0/year Free Plugin
Essential Plan $49/year 1
Advanced Plan $99/year 3
Expert Plan $199/year 25
Studio Plan $499/year 100
Agency Plan $999/year 1,000

If you opt for any of the elementor pro plans then your need to first install the free plugin of elementor from the wordpress repository and then install the paid plugin of elementor after downloading it from the elementor dashboard and then connecting it to the elementor account from which you both the license.

Elementor premium plugin provides the additional features over the free plugin of elementor so you need to install both the plugin to make the elementor pro work properly.


Why Choose Elementor Pro?

Whatever path or thing or anything we choose, Being human it is human tendency to ask why this. It is even fair enough to get answers first of this Why before choosing anything or go forward. So, to follow this ritual we are gonna talk about some amazing facts about Elementor pro, and at the end of the discussion, I hope you would find the answer to this Why.

User friendly:

If I say user-friendly what comes to your mind? I consider most of you would agree with me here that being a user-friendly tool is not an easy task at all. There are many ways how a tool can mold itself but it would be really hard to handle to some newbie And considering this problem in their mind, the Elementor owner made this tool totally user-friendly.

Yes, That simply means it doesn’t matter that whether you are a very experienced marketer or just a newbie, Elementor is just a cup of tea for you, And yes, Afterall what is the benefit of any tool if that doesn’t make their newbie subscriber satisfy. Isn’t it? Now, Just imagine how incredible its pro version would be.


Everyone is well aware of nowadays lifestyle we don’t have time for ourselves. Do we? Even I can guarantee that some of you people would be just wishing that my article would be finished ASAP! I know I got this one right!! So, Let’s get to the point.

Well, We know very well that how time-consuming designing is. The newbies don’t know how time-consuming that is. So just follow your gut and trust me it is really a time-taking process, So, I don’t see how someone can resist that Elementor is here with their amazing features for you to just make your every minute count. Let me tell you one secret of Elementor.  Elementor is really smart and it knows how to save its users time and energy.

Well designed templates:

Since I have written this and since you all are reading this article I guess our word of the day would be designing. So, It would be unfair if Elementor would not provide its user’s well-designed templates.

I am really glad to tell you that providing well-designed templates to users. That is the major advantage of Elementor pro. Now you can easily get amazing templates with just one click. The distance between you and the template would be just one click away. I know you cannot resist it, Right!! Apart from this Elementor has many endless features which can make your designing fun.

Get rid of coding:

Coding is not everyone’s cup of tea. We are aware of this fact as well that not every person is fond of coding at all. Elementor takes total responsibility for your website design. You don’t have to write even C from coding. Isn’t it enough to make a decision to get Elementor pro ASAP?

Without coding, Elementor gives you so ease to design your own WordPress website on the basis of your own terms. What else do you want my friend?

Overall control on the designer:

Elementor has so many high-rated qualities, At this point, I consider you would happily agree with me. So, even after having so many qualities, Elementor is too down to earth. It gives you total control of itself, well, There is no doubt that Elementor can easily design WordPress pages very well, But at the end of the day. You are the one who owns that, So, totally it is your call how you wanna design it.


Why do I Recommend Elementor?

I am myself a developer and designer and until now elementor is the only drag and drop page builder plugin  I found so far which provides me with the best features to work with. It has each HTML element that you can build with just dragging.

Other than that, you will also find various elementor pre-built designs and templates which you can buy from Envato Store or ThemeForest, even there are a bunch of designs available in free to choose from and use for building your site.

Elementor also provides various design templates for you to build your design even without any knowledge of coding and designing.

I personally use Elementor and also recommended everyone else to try it once before choosing any other page builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I upgrade Elementor into its Pro version?

Well, Of course, You really should go for the pro version. If you are using it currently so I guess you have an idea on your own that how amazing this tool is, So If you really want to explore its more feature or you want to enhance your WordPress designing more So, Go get its pro version.

Why only Elementor?

Well, Of course, that is a really nice question I mean you should explore options and then choose the best among them but why bother yourself if you can easily get the best in the first place.

What I mean is Yes, It is true there are many page builders such as Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect, and many more but only a few of them provide a variety of options and styling to choose the design. So, yes it is the answer to this question.

Is Elementor Pro worth it?

Well, the answer is yes, Actually, that is what I am talking about in my post. Elementor Pro is totally worth it and worth your single penny.

Does Elementor has any refund policy?

Yes, there is, Elementor has 30 days money-back guarantee policy. After 30 days of subscription if you want to take that back you easily can.


Wrapping Up 🎉🎊:

Well, I am really glad that you are here it means you read our whole post. I am personally not a fan of coding so yes, I do use Elementor pro, and it’s been a long time since I am using Elementor pro, I don’t remember the exact date even and my experience has been really amazing. If you really want to take your design to the next level, So, Elementor is your right destination.

There is no doubt that Elementor is the best of every page builder that exists. Yes, Elementor pro is great but if you are someone who is into digital marketing then Elementor is something you need. I have mentioned above every reliable information about Elementor, Now it’s up to you to make this effort count.

I hope you liked our article if so then shows your love by sharing this post with your family and friends. Do let us know which quality of Elementor you liked the most in the comment section and also which Elementor plan are you gonna choose. Keep connected for our further posts.

Who knows Elementor would be your best shot.

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