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Grammatical mistakes are common and these common mistakes can make our article look less attractive and it can affect your ranking on google as well. I am sure you must have heard Grammarly, but not every person can afford that right! and if you are a newbie then Grammarly is quite out of your league but hey wait! it really doesn’t mean that you cannot write Grammatically correct articles, of course, you can. Wanna know how?

Well, there are almost hundreds of alternatives available for Grammarly but not each one of them can really alternate Grammarly that is why we are here with our post to tell you the most appropriate alternatives of Grammarly so that you can also write an attractive grammatically correct article, so without further ado let’s get going.

Top 5 Grammarly Alternatives in 2022

1. ProWritingAid – Best of Grammarly Alternatives

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ProWritting is the first name that comes to my mind while thinking of Grammarly alternatives and the best thing about it is that even a newbie can afford it. It comes in free and premium versions as well, yes the premium one has more features than the free one so I would recommend you to purchase its premium version and write grammatically correct attractive articles.

Well, you must be thinking that whether this tool gives any free trial or not, after all, it is important to have a trial before making our mind so let me tell you that there is a free trial available you can easily request a free trial and then can easily make your mind if you really wanna go further with this tool only.

Why ProWrittingAid?

  • Variety of writing styles: Not every person likes the US writing styles or it is possible that some of you won’t like UK writing styles so this tool has taken care of every kind of people, whether you like UK style or US style this tool is just perfect for you. You can easily write an attractive yet grammatically correct article for your blog.
  • API access: This is another benefit why you should choose pro writing aid is that they also provide API access so that developers can integrate it with their app. This is really helpful for developers so if you are a developer then this tool is just for you.
  • Attractive articles: Well, this tool is all about attractive articles I mean if your tool cannot write an attractive article to attract people to your blog, then is that tool really doing its best? With Prowriitting aid, you don’t have to worry about that because this tool helps you write an amazing blog post for your blog.
  • Plenty of features: If you get plenty of features in just a few pennies so I guess this is the best deal you will ever have. This tool gives you plenty of features so that you can easily enjoy writing.
  • Pocket-friendly: Not every newbie can afford costly tools and this thing pro aid writing knows very well that is why this tool is really pocket-friendly even if you are a newbie you can easily afford it.

ProWrittingAid Pricing

If you guys are wondering that if this tool provides a free trial or not so yes they have a free plan and if you want to explore its premium features which you really should then you can get a day money-back guarantee as well. Apart from all this, you can have a look at its plan below.

  • Monthly- $20/month 
  • Yearly- $79/year 
  • Lifetime- $399/lifetime 

You can also get ProWritingAid at a discounted price, if you are interested in the discount look at our other article on ProWritingAid discount code, you will get up to 50% off on ProWritingAid Easily.

Visit ProWritingAid View ProwritingAid Pricing

2. Ginger

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There are a lot of alternatives you can find all around you but once you try these tools which we are mentioning here then you can clearly see the real difference between all of them, just like this tool. This tool is another best alternative you can really find for Grammarly. Just like Grammarly this tool has also its hype all over the blogging industry.

This tool provides you plenty of features that you can use while writing grammatically correct articles and this tool really take care of this thing that what is the real meaning you want to write then it helps you to write further, which I think is the best thing about this tool. This tool can translate your document into 40 languages so whether you are Spanish or French I don’t think there is something you have to worry about. This tool also provides you with a free plan but I highly recommend you to try the premium one.

Why Ginger?

  • Various languages: As we have already talked that this tool provides you with almost 40 languages it means no matter you are Spanish or german you can easily use this tool and write your article in your preferred language.
  • Personal dictionary: you can also create a personal dictionary so that the program does not show errors for those words next time.
  • Text reader: It is another unique Ginger feature that is useful for learning pronunciation, but it is available only in the premium version, that is why I recommend you to explore the premium version.

Ginger Pricing

Ginger has both free and paid plans, you will get a limit on the free plan, but it’s best if you are looking for using the tool for small corrections. If you need their paid plan, you will get a 30% discount officially from Ginger along with a 7 day of money-back guarantee.

  • Monthly- $13.99/month 
  • Yearly – $89.88/year
  • 2 Year Plan – $167.76/2-year

Visit Ginger

3. WhiteSmoke

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WhiteSmoke is one of my favorite tools I have ever used and as for Grammarly alternatives then this is the perfect tool for you guys. Whatever device you have whether it is Mac or android even a desktop you can use this tool on any device. The software contains more than 100 writing templates such as Resumes, Condolences, Thank you, Reports, and Cover Letters, etc.

This tool is pretty amazing it has a lot of features but of course, I would recommend you to explore the premium version. This tool has so many things to offer you just like this tool offers you almost 55 languages, isn’t it amazing. Well, I know it is. I don’t think that there is any reason you should wait to try this tool.

Why WhiteSmoke?

  • Explanation of words: The word-highlighting tool gives a brief explanation of the word’s meaning and provides an example sentence. Which is pretty awesome and very informative.
  • Synonyms: It also has a list of synonyms, which makes it a great resource for increasing your vocabulary. and substituting the word ubiquity. Which can prove very helpful to you. It also defines the selected word as well.
  • plagiarized free articles: Well, this is the best reason to use this tool if you are a blogger, you can easily check whether your article is plagiarized or not. It can easily help you to judge the work you will outsource.
  •  Tutorials: This tool is just not believed in correcting but it also believes in learning that is why the video tutorials on their website provide a variety of information about the proper use of prepositions, auxiliary verbs, nouns, and pronouns. From there you can learn too.

WhiteSmoke Pricing

There are 3 plans available for WhiteSmoke with different functionalities. Other than that WhiteSmoke comes with a yearly and 3-year plan, providing you with an amazing discount for their long duration plan, so if you are planning on using WhiteSmoke for a longer duration, go with the 3 years plan.

  • Yearly Plan – Starts At $5/month
  • 3 Year Plan – As low as $3.47/month

Visit WhiteSmoke

4. Hemingway

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Hemingway App

Here’s another one of the best Grammarly alternatives you can use. This tool’s main focus is just increasing the readability of your post. If you paste text, selected phrases will be highlighted in different colors. The tool tells you which sentence is hard to read and provides suggestions on how to simplify the words.

The Hemingway Editor has multiple options like headings, bold, italic, bullets, and even inserting links. The Grammarly editor doesn’t allow you to insert hyperlinks or paste a text with hyperlinks.

Why Hemingway?

  • Attractive articles: This tool helps you to write attractive articles that will attract people to your blog and in the end, it is a win-win situation for you.
  • User-friendly: Not every tool is user-friendly but every tool should be user-friendly and here with this tool is very user-friendly even a newbie blogger can easily use it and that is really great.
  • Pocket-friendly: This tool is really pocket-friendly, so just in a few bucks you can easily get this amazing tool but yeah just go for the premium version.

Hemingway Pricing

Hemingway app is totally free if you are using its editor on any web browser. If you are looking for their app for Windows or Mac then you need to pay one-time fees for that. That means you will get a lifetime license and that too at an affordable price.

  • Free for Online Editor.
  • One-time payment of $19.99 for Windows/Mac App.

Visit Hemingway

5. PaperRater

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This tool’s name is so convincing, isn’t it? well, it works more convincing, but for that, you have to use it and don’t forget the premium version only. This program utilizes Artificial language to enhance the way of writing and to provide a detailed scoring for the current content. Which is just awesome.

Other than the grammar and spelling check feature, PaperRater uses various advanced technologies to check the content and even provide writing suggestions to help us on our way of writing the content.

Why PaperRater?

  • Plagiarism Check: They have both paid as well as free plagiarism checking tools incorporated in their app to help you easily detect copied content.
  • Writing Suggestions: Suggest various sentences and words to help you whenever you got stuck while writing and also provide you with better suggestions to enhance your content.
  • Automated Scoring: Provides AI-powered scoring to help you find the best

PaperRater Pricing

You will get all the basic features of PaperRater in their free version, however, if you would like to use their service ad-free along with various other premium features you will need to purchase their premium plan.

  • PaperRater Free plan (With Ads & Limit features)
  • Premium Plan – $7.95/month

Visit PaperRater

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

  • Which one is the best tool among them?

Well, I can totally understand that you all be having some difficulties in choosing one of them, but trust me all of them are just amazing but is you ask me then I might just like ProWrittingAid a little better, but apart from my choice what matters is which one you liked the most, just choose wisely.

  • Are using them worth it?

I don’t think that anyone would want to have any grammatical error in their article and yes I know Grammarly is the best but as we know not any one of us can afford Grammarly so why don’t you consider these alternatives, I assure you that you will end up like these tools. so yeah each one of them totally worth it.

  • Is Grammarly Free for Students?

This is not true. It is not totally free, yes it offers some discounts for students and as the matter of fact, it offers discounts for educational institutes and annual membership purchases.

Wrapping up

Oh, so you finally read the whole article. Glad to see you at the end of the article we hope you liked it and you found what you were looking for. Well, it is totally true that nothing can alternate Grammarly but we should also face the fact that Grammarly is not something that every person can afford to use, here the term Grammarly alternatives comes to our mind.

It does also clicked our mind then we just thought of writing this post we searched and checked every alternative we mentioned whether they are worth it or not when we got our satisfaction we did mention each one of the tools, so no matter which you pick you to end up like that tool for sure. Everyone wants his or her article to look classy and attractive and if we have to gather a little help from these tools then what is bad with it, right!

We hope you found the best alternative that you can use instead of Grammarly and yes if you can afford Grammarly then I would highly recommend you to use that, why go for an alternative when you can afford the original one huh? Do not forget to share this article with you family and friends and if you have any queries related to this post just comment that down we will reach out to you and yes do not forget to comment that down the tool you liked the most and which one you picked.

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