How to Fix “Video Not Available in This Location” Hulu Error

Are you trying to watch a show on the Hulu app but instead of enjoying the show you found the “video not available in this location” error in your Hulu app, I can totally understand what you would be feeling right now.  and you must have visited through a lot of posts so that you would find How to fix the How to Fix “Hulu Video Not Available in This Location” Error.  Am I right? Well, I know because that’s exactly what happened to me.

Well, Now you surely wondering how did I actually found the solution to this error, First of all, let’s just congratulate you that you finally here on this post where you surely gonna find the cure for this problem of yours.

Well, I am assuming being a Hulu user you already know that Hulu can be watched only inside the US. So, If you are outside from the US then how would you able to watch Hulu, let’s not trick you now and give you some treat, and let’s get started.

Would you feel shocked if I say this error can be resolved just with the help of one VPN service? Yes, you heard it right. All you need to use a VPN provider that provides you loads of servers in different countries along with thousands of IP addresses to access these blocked contents.

Now, I know there are many options for VPNs but how would we know that which one is capable of solving our issue? I would highly recommend you to try using Surfshark or NordVPN

Why It is Showing “Video Not Available in This Location”?

It is really important to understand what is the real reason or cause for showing “Video Not Available in This Location”? Now, ask yourself do you really know what is the actual reason for showing “Video Not Available in This Location”? If your answer is no, Then just keep reading its basically happens that some content is not available in some regions due to some licensing agreements, then popular streaming services like Hulu and Netflix block those content in those regions from streaming online

video not available in this location

Let’s just understand with the help of an example some popular content owner such as Disney and many more they all need a separate licensing agreement for each territory where Hulu is available. And if they don’t have a separate licensing agreement for any region, What happens next is that content would be blocked in that region, And yes that is the reason why it is showing “Video Not Available in This Location”. 

Can I Use Free VPNs to Access Hulu?

I know most people will think that can we use a free VPN to access Hulu so there would be no need to have a paid VPN but I have to stop you from this imaginations because unfortunately, you cannot get access to Hulu or any other popular streaming website using free VPN Now, You would be wondering why so, Right? So, free VPN providers have a limited stock of servers and IPs, And these free VPN cannot help you to get access to Hulu or any other popular streaming website those websites will surely block their IPs.

Okay Okay! Let’s assume that you get access to the Hulu app or any other popular streaming website by luck. Hey! don’t get too flattered because trust me you won’t be able to watch your shows with satisfying speed So, I personally recommend you to use either surf shark or Nordvpn to enjoy your favorite shows on Hulu or any other popular streaming websites.

Why Use NordVPN to Unblock Hulu Content?

Now, Why use NordVPN to unblock Hulu content you are thinking it, Right! Well, as we have already discussed that free VPN providers don’t have that many servers and IPs that can actually unblock your Hulu app, And let me tell you one more thing these popular streaming websites put so much effort to eliminate the use of VPN services to access their content.

On the other hand, NordVPN is one step ahead of these online streaming websites and helps you to get access not only unblock Hulu but other 25+ online streaming websites as well such as Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, and many more.

How to Unblock Hulu Content (Step by Step Process)

Now, You would be wondering actually how can we unblock Hulu content by using NordVPN, Well, It’s not rocket science mate let’s find out.

First thing first you need to buy a subscription to NordVPN and just simply download their app on your device, and yes you can also use their chrome and firefox extension instead of downloading the app.

Once this process is done just open that app and choose the “United States” region and just shoot on connect. Once you made sure that you have performed that process correctly just go to your browser and type on your address bar and it’s done and also yes you can use the Hulu content through their app.

We are considering not every single person can unblock Hulu content with the help of that brief discussion, So, Let’s discuss about it more thoroughly.

Very firstly all you need to do is purchase the NordVPN subscription to get access to Hulu or you can just click here and you will directly visit the NordVPN page where you can just buy your subscription and if you have already purchased it or using another VPN just skip this step and focus on the next one.

Once you have created your account open the NordVPN login page so that you can log in to your account. Let’s just make you doing easier just click here to get your login page quickly.

Let’s not forget there are some Macbook users as well, Would these same steps work for them or there are any others? Well, I would say just keep reading.

If you are a Macbook user go to Downloads > NordVPN, just click on the “Download for Mac” option and select your macOS version to download NordVPN on your MacBook. After downloading that file just simply follow the procedure to install the application.

nordvpn for hulu

Once you have successfully done downloading the application on your device, Now the easiest part of the procedure is begun just open that application and select from any “USA” server and click on the “Connect” button.

Yes, It’s almost done just open any browser and enter in the address bar and yes you are done.

Yes, I know you have successfully unblocked Hulu content without any hurdle, But, Hey! Don’t forget to comment on that which VPN worked for you or which VPN you chose.

Best VPN Providers for Accessing Hulu

Now there are thousands of VPN providers who would literally assure you to unblock any website but can you really trust them all? I know your answer would be NO! So, that is only why we are providing you some used, tested personally by us, and best VPN from the VPN market so that there wouldn’t be any issue during accessing the Hulu app.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN has its own high reputation in the VPN market world. You would ask anyone to suggest any VPN they would instantly say NordVPN without even a blink. This VPN has been rated #1 by us and it provides great features and performance at a price few can beat it is also very user friendly that would be another plus point for new users.

video not available in this location

NordVPN is packed full of extra features that you can personalize to add more or less security, privacy, and customization. I have personally used it and I would personally recommend you to use it.

Features of NordVPN:


  • Servers all around the world.
  • Kill switch
  • Headquartered in Panama
  • Split tunneling
  • It offers a 30-days moneyback guarantee.

Get NordVPN

2. SurfShark

If you want to explore more so Surfshark would be another best option for you it can also unblock any streaming website for you and yes Hulu as well. You can also use this amazing VPN on multiple devices as well, Isn’t it great? Yes! I know it is. Bravo! It comes with 30days money-back guarantee.

surfshark vpn

You are curious to know its features, Right? So, Let’s enlighten them.

Features of SurfsharkVPN:


  • Allows you for torrenting
  • Can easily unblock almost all streaming websites
  • Kill switch
  • Split tunneling

Get Surfshark VPN

How to Choose The Best VPN Provider for Streaming Online?

Now, If you have already another VPN subscription, make sure to follow these checklists. We consider it our responsibility to tell you that you should make sure that whatever VPN you are using that should have the ability to unblock streaming website and especially Hulu. So, If you haven’t had any subscription to any VPN you should buy from we mentioned above those will surely solve your problems.

Here what you should have to look before buying a VPN plan;
  • No Logging Policies.
  • Multiple Destination VPN servers.
  • Good Levels of Encryption.
  • Work with Hulu and Other Streaming Sites.
  • Regular Updates.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Fastest Speed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Hulu Show “Video Not Available In This Location” Error?

As we have mentioned at the starting of this post that Hulu only works in the United States, So, If you are getting  “Video Not Available In This Location” Error. It simply means that you might be outside of the US. If you want Hulu app access from somewhere else then you have to get a paid VPN subscription.

Can I Use Similar Steps To Unblock Netflix Content?

Absolutely yes, You can easily similar steps to unblock Netflix content as well.

Wrapping up!

Hurray! We are glad to see that you have come this far and read the whole post. Well, there are many varieties of the VPN in the VPN market but there are just a few which are capable to unblock every streaming website for you, And we know its really hard to choose one VPN from many and especially for a new user that is why we have mentioned best VPN that can really helpful for you.

We have tried our best to provide you best of the best VPN providers that can unblock not only Hulu but any other streaming website as well. If you have any queries and suggestions don’t hesitate to comment that down, Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends.

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