How to Hire a Blogger to Promote Your Business

You started a new blog and planning on hiring a blogger to manage it for you? If you are planning to hire a blogger for your business and to manage everything in your blog then it is important that you select the blogger who has the capability and knowledge about how to manage it. If you are curious to know how to hire a blogger perfectly for your blog and also what are the things which should be kept in mind before hiring someone then you are at the right place.

In this article, I will be mentioning how to find the perfect blogger for your need and what are the things you need to remember while hiring one.

Do You Need A Blogger To Outsource Your Blog?

Well, just ask yourself first do you even need a blogger to outsource your blog, or are you doing this just so you want? I am assuming you do not know the answer to this question so how will you figure out that you want a blogger who can outsource your blog? So, let us see how can we answer this question. So there are some factors about content writing which you must know about. Let’s get going to get to know those factors.

1.  SEO knowledge

Being into digital marketing SEO is something which you just cannot neglect, So do you know what SEO is? How does it work? I am not talking about mastery of SEO you should just have some nominal amount of knowledge of SEO. SEO can break or make your blog very easily.

There are few friends of mine who have zero knowledge about SEO and he is into digital marketing and trying his luck and you know what since the last 5 years he is just trying. Seo is just like the backbone of your blog and you tell me can you stand properly without your backbone? Your answer would be no, So yeah SEO is really the main factor.

Do you think you can manage your blog SEO properly? Just ask yourself and answer yourself honestly because if there is someone who can judge you perfectly is only you no one else. So if the answer is that you are not so expert in this then I would recommend you to hire a blogger then you need a blogger to outsource your blog.

2. Quality Of the Content

How many of you love a high-quality service or thing? I guess there is no one who would not love that. The same tactics apply here everyone wants to read the quality of content over and over again. I do understand it is quite hard to write so much quality content I mean anyone would get out of thoughts for a while.

It is not really an easy task to write quality content as well as SEO-friendly nature. There is a famous saying called Content is king and that is really true statement. Quality of content ranks high in comparison to the quantity of content we have tested this though personally. It is important to write the right number of words in a pot but cannot just neglect the quality of the content too.

Writing is just an art and I do know not every person can be that artist. If you are not so good at writing or if you have a tight schedule and not have time to dedicate to writing so I can sense that you need a perfect blogger to maintain your blog badly. You should hire a blogger to outsource your blog in this situation.

3. Update The Blog From Time To Time

Well, Only having a blog is not enough nowadays as the competition is increasing day by day. Your responsibility towards your blog is also rising day by day. We are human we need food for a living, Car needs petrol and here your blog needs maintenance too. What I actually mean is that maintaining your blog is as important as feeding.

It is important to update your blog from time to time so do you know what is the meaning of updating here? If yes then well in good and if you don’t know then also do not worry I am right here to tell you everything about it. Updating your blog means adding new things in that till now your blog would have good but by updating that you have to make that best.

If you are someone really busy and due to your tight schedule you do not have time to maintain your blog or update your blog properly then my friend you really need a blogger who can do that for you. In this case, my advice would be for you to hire a blogger to outsource your blog ASAP!

Advantages to Hire a Blogger

So, here are some great advantages to hire a blogger

1. High Quality of work

As we have discussed before that the thing which matters a lot in content writing is the quality of content. What is the meaning of own a blog if you do not have time to keep that updated with the quality of content? If you hire a blogger that gives you a great amount of content that is high quality and that is what all you need.

It is the major advantage of hiring a blogger to promote your business it gives your blog a quality of content which is very important to promote your blog, So yeah if you will hire a blogger to outsource your blog then this is what you will get in return. Bloggers are good at their work and as they have very good experience level that is so obvious that they are gonna provide you high quality of content and which gonna help you to promote your business.

Just because of your tight schedule or lack of knowledge in writing you can hire a blogger who can provide you high-quality content. Bloggers are good at what they do so they do have knowledge about current ideas and obviously, they have good writing ideas as compare to us. So it is a major advantage of hiring a blogger to promote your business.

2. Time-Saving

We are aware of the fact that we all are so busy in our day-to-day life we barely get any time free and if I say with the help of hiring a blogger for your blog you can easily get free time for yourself then what would be better than this? It is really amazing advantage of hiring a blogger to promote your business.

All you need to do is give an introduction of your blog to that blogger so that he can connect with you and can be familiar with your blog idea and once he will get the whole idea of your blog and once he will be familiar with your blog idea then your half work is done all you need to do then just email him your topic what you want him to write and as he is familiar with your blog now so the will give his best idea through content in your post.

Where he will be doing work for you he will be teasing his mind to write some quality content for your blog you don’t have to worry about that. All you can do is chill in your free time it definitely saves you a lot of time and you can just strategize your blog so that you can grow your business more.

3. Hiring blogger is pocket friendly

Well, As I have been praising of hire a blogger to promote your business most of you are surely worrying about the cost of hiring the blogger. If you are new to digital marketing then you must have heard that hiring a blogger is really costly but that is a total myth and let me tell you hiring a blogger is not at all costly.

You can easily hire a blogger to promote your business with a happy pocket. Blogger does not charge too much. They charge according to the number of words you need, and once you build a great relationship with one particular blogger then who knows he will give you some amazing discount.

You can easily hire a blogger without worrying about your pocket. With the help of your blogger you can promote your business you can grow your business with a happy pocket. The happy pocket keeps you happy and that is what matters. If you were worrying or stopping yourself from hiring a blogger just for the sake of cost then I would highly recommend you to hire one.

What Type Of Content Writer Do You Need?

Now, The most amazing question arises what type of content writer do you need? Can you answer this? Ask yourself o you know what type of content writer do you actually need? Well, If you don’t know do not worry just keep reading. At the end of this post, you surely will able to answer this question.

So, If you want a blogger to write a post then would you give your post to anybody to write? Of course not! Well, It is really a tricky part to find an appropriate blogger who can understand your niche and can relate to your blog. There is some key point which should be remembered while choosing the content writer you need. Just keep this key point in mind while choosing the content writer it will surely help you. Let’s enlighten those key points.

  • What is the exact experience of the blogger you are thinking to hire?
  • How skilled is he?
  • Does anyone recommend that particular blogger?
  • does he have real knowledge?
  • does his writing style match your blog or your brand?
  • Can he really help you to achieve your goals?

As we do not forget to take care of our readers so this is my personal advice only for my dear readers that do not forget to ask for a sample post before hiring someone this will help you to judge that blogger and you can easily check if you want to hire that blogger or not.

Should You Hire A Ghostwriter?

So, Are you aware of the word Ghostwriter? If you know it means you are into digital marketing for quite a time but even if you don’t know what this is then is also you don’t have to worry just keep reading and you will get to know very easily what is ghostwriting or should you hire a ghostwriter or not.

So, Newbies just pay attention, Ghostwriting means make any blogger a post and not giving credit to that blogger. Basically, that is really a controversial topic some people consider dishonest where some people find it okay! I mean they do not feel that there is any wrong with it because they pay bloggers to write that.

Now the question is should you really hire a ghostwriter for your blog or not so I would say if you are not so good in content writing or you don’t have time due to your tight schedule then there is nothing bad to hire a ghostwriter because it will give a great impact to the audience if they will see your name at the top of the post. It will show that you have knowledge about it and obviously it will promote your businesses.

How To Find A Perfect Blogger For Your Site?

If you want to hire a blogger to outsource your blog then it is way too obvious that you want a perfect one, But how will you find the perfect blogger for your site well, For finding the perfect one there are some things which you need to take care of while choosing a blogger for your blog. These things are:

  1. Quality: Quality is something where you just cannot compromise. You have to find a blogger who can write a high-quality post for your blog, So how would you know if he can write quality content or not, So I will tell you the best way to find just ask for a sample post before hiring any blogger with the help of that sample post you can easily judge if he can write for your blog or not.
  2. Attractive and unique content: This quality is something that any perfect blogger can’t miss. I mean what is the point of being a writer in the first place if you cant write attractive content. Your content should be so attractive so that any reader would content himself to you.
  3. Language: Language should be enhanced in a perfect blogger. A perfect blogger should have a high command of language I mean they should just keep updated with a good number of vocabularies that will surely help them in content writing. The more skilled he will be in a language the more useful content he can write.
  4. Ghostwriting: As I said before ghostwriting gives a positive look towards you and your blog. If you don’t do ghostwriting then your reader will think is the owner of the blog you don’t have sufficient knowledge and that is not good for your blog so that is the reason I said you to do ghostwriting.
  5. Price: Price is really important when you wanna hire a perfect blogger I mean no perfect blogger would provide you his service in just a few bucks but at the same place I am not saying you to fill his pocket with dollars. If you are just starting your career I would say not to hire any expensive blogger.
  6. Experience: You wanna hire a perfect blogger for your blog and experience is something that makes a man perfect so it is important to hire a blogger who has good experience in writing he can provide you best content and that will promote your blog easily as the experience one must have got tons of knowledge with himself.
  7. SEO knowledge:  Last but not least and most important factor in the process of finding a perfect blogger for your blog. SEO knowledge is that what every blogger should know a little so that he can write SEO-friendly posts for your blog which will be helpful to promote your blog.

Where To Find A Blogger To Hire

Now, You know how can you find a perfect blogger for your blog but where will find them? Will they just appear to you? Well, Of course not! So, here we will tell you where you can find them. There are some ways through which you can easily can contacts lots of bloggers, So, Let’s see what those ways actually are,

1. Fiverr and Upwork: If there is a place where you can find a lot of bloggers to hire then I would just say Fiverr and Upwork. All you have to do is filtering through the bloggers and identifying the right individual, Nowhere finding the best out of all that is your responsibility and I guess you know it now that how can you find the perfect one.

2. Post a job ad: It is my personal favorite and interesting way to find the blogger and yes it is effective too. , There are some sites like ProBlogger charge fees for posting a job ad on their blog, Don’t worry every penny you will spend is worth it because that is what gonna promote your business later.

Make sure while making your ad you would keep mentioned things in your mind,

  • Your ad should not be too vague and have to explain your content requirements.
  • Should not be too long.
  • Your ad should be specific and you have to be sure with your ad what you exactly want from that blogger you will hire. Do not forget to specify which type of blogger you want to hire such as technical blogger or beauty blogger etc.

3. Through social media: Do you know what Linkedin is? Well, It is a social platform just like Facebook, On this platform, you can easily find a perfect blogger which is related to your blog niche, You can also post there just like Facebook for hiring a blogger. There you will find lots of options and you can find the best one among them.

Wrapping Up

Hiring a blogger that can promote your business is not that simple task but not that hard too. It just requires your focus and all you need to keep some things in mind while choosing one then you can easily find a blogger for outsourcing your blog. We did our best in this post to give you every possible information which you seek.

We hope this post has done some good to you and you found our post helpful. We will be glad if we will be able to help you with the help of this post. If you liked our article and found this helpful to you do not forget to show your love by sharing this post as much as you can let this post reach every needy one.

Do not forget to tell us which part of this post you liked most in the comment section if you have any query too related to this post then you can ask us in the comment section we will surely reach to you ASAP! Keep updated for our further posts. stay connected…

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