Top 200+ High DA Free Directory Submission Sites List in 2020

When it comes to getting free backlinks, Directory Submission is considered as one of the best methods in Off-Page SEO techniques. In this method, the blog link is submitted in various high PR do-follow Directory Submission Sites, and the backlink is gained.

So in this post, we will talk about what is directory submission, how to submit your blog or website to various directory submission sites, and some of its cons and pros of submitting your sites into directory submission sites.

What are Directory Submission Sites

Directory Submission sites can we easily understood as a telephone directory where instead of telephone numbers, the website’s link and information are distributed in different directories according to the niche or category they belong to.

Free 200+ Directory Submission List Of 2019-20

Here is the list of top free directory submission sites which are updated on a daily basis.

S.No Domain Link Domain Authority
1 59
2 52
3 52
4 51
5 51
6 51
7 49
8 49
9 49
10 48
11 46
12 46
13 46
14 46
15 45
16 45
17 45
18 45
19 45
20 45
21 45
22 44
23 44
24 44
25 44
26 44
27 44
28 44
29 44
30 44
31 44
32 44
33 44
34 44
35 44
36 44
37 44
38 44
39 43
40 43
41 43
42 43
43 43
44 43
45 43
46 43
47 43
48 43
49 43
50 43
51 43
52 43
53 43
54 43
55 43
56 43
57 43
58 43
59 43
60 43
61 43
62 43
63 43
64 43
65 43
66 42
67 42
68 42
69 42
70 42
71 42
72 42
73 42
74 42
75 42
76 42
77 42
78 42
79 42
80 41
81 41
82 41
83 41
84 41
85 41
86 41
87 41
88 40
89 40
90 40
91 40
92 40
93 40
94 40
95 40
96 40
97 40
98 40
99 39
100 39
101 39
102 39
103 39
104 39
105 39
106 39
107 39
108 39
109 39
110 39
111 38
112 38
113 38
114 38
115 38
116 38
117 38
118 38
119 38
120 38
121 38
122 38
123 38
124 38
125 38
126 38
127 37
128 37
129 37
130 37
131 37
132 37
133 37
134 37
135 37
136 37
137 37
138 37
139 37
140 37
141 36
142 36
143 36
144 36
145 36
146 36
147 36
148 35
149 35
150 35
151 34
152 34
153 34
154 34
155 34
156 33
157 33
158 33
159 32
160 32
161 32
162 32
163 32
164 31
165 30
166 30
167 30
168 30
169 30
170 30
171 30
172 30
173 30
174 30
175 30
176 30
177 30
178 28
179 28
180 27
181 24


Benefits of Directory Submission

So before learning how to submit your blog or website in directories, let’s firstly talk about some of the benefits of directory submission, and let’s find out that whether it’s even good to consider this method of Off-Page SEO.

So here are some of the benefits of Directory Submission at MyTechTalky.

Increases Domain Authority

Submission to various directories will help you to gain backlinks from their website, which, as a result, helps you to increase the domain authority of your blog or website. Backlinks are the major factors that contribute to the increment of Domain Authority of any website.

Increases Organic Traffic

The backlinks you get from submission in directory sites are usually permanent and so the authority. Higher the authority of any website, more are its chances to get rank quickly in any search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

More search results will help you in gaining free organic traffic, which will help you in growing your blog and gaining fame from your blogging.

Cons Of Directory Submission

Each thing has some of its disadvantages, so make the Directory Submission. So let’s talk about some of the drawbacks.

Submission on a Malicious or Spammy Website

Most of the sites make directories of many such websites which are spam or not compiling with policies of many search engines like Google and so taking backlinks from such websites may lead to a negative impact on the ranking of your website.

So, before submitting your blog or website to directory sites, take a quick look at the content of the directory of those sites and make sure that everything is correct before submitting your blog or website.

How To Submit In Directory Submission Sites?

Process of Submitting site in Directory Submission Sites

  • Start by picking directory submission sites one by one from the list given below and open them in a new tab.
  • Search for the directory as per the niche of your website or blog.
  • Correctly check if the directory you selected is appropriate for your website or not.
  • Further, choose the relevant category of your niche, which describes your website more appropriately.
  • Fill up the entries in the form with proper details.  It will ask you for necessary information like the link to your blog, short description and title, a subcategory of the directory, tags, and author bio, so prepare for this before only to save your time.
  • Submit the form after re-checking all the entries you made.
  • Approve your email from the email verification you received, and your site will be submitted to the directory site manually or automatically by the site admin.
  • Now repeat the same process for another various directory submission sites.

PAID Vs FREE Web Directory Submission Sites

There are two kinds of web directories on the web, one which allows you to submit your website to their directory in free and one which asks for money to submit your website to their directory.

Paid Web Directory Submission Sites

Paid web directories usually charge a small amount to allow you to list to their directories. Many of the web directories charge so that they can manage each web link in their directory and can keep the spammy websites out of their directory.

Free Web Directory Submission Sites

Free web directories allow you to submit your website in free to their directories. They just ask you to signup to their website and submit your website into the correct directory as per your niche.

Are you are not sure which one is more beneficial for you?

The simple answer is, both are good as long as their authority is well enough.

If you are not sure how to check out for the domain authority or page authority of any of the directory, then you can use the link explorer provided by Moz, to check all the stats and spam score of any domain.

But, there is a high chance that the paid web directories are more beneficial it is managed, and not all the people make links there, so their spam score is likely to be low as compared to the free one as anyone can make links there to any kind of website.

If you have a budget, and you find any good authority web directory with no spam score, then go for it.

There is one more benefit of paid web directories, i.e., they have a short indexing time, which means your link will get index more quickly.

But what if you have no budget?

Then the answer is simple, go for free directory submission, just keep in mind, whether it is paid or free, it won’t be a problem until you check the authority of each of the directory you are submitting and checking the Moz spam score of each of the directory you are submitting.

Submit your link only to the directories, which have good authority and a low spam score.

What is Deep Link?

Deep link simply means, to submit your post or pages in the directory submission sites, instead of your main website link. As you have the option to give link yourself in many of the directories, you can also submit your post link instead of your website.

This will help you to increase the page authority of your post and gaining some links to it, but this method is not a white hat SEO method, hence it is not suggested.

If you try it then there are chances that your blog might be blocked or will be counted as spam by Google and your blog might be flagged from Google search engine.

So if you are following Deep link method, then don’t submit too many links to your post or page in the directory submission sites to keep your blog out of any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by many of the people about the directory submission method.

Is link building on directory submission sites are still useful in SEO?

Yes, this link building method is still effective. This is the method of getting backlinks from high authority websites and increasing your domain authority as well as page authority.

Many people says that they didn’t profit from making links to various directory submission sites, but let me assure you that it will profit your blog as you long as you are focusing on only authority web directories and not many link on any directory you found.

Is there any other method like Directory Submission to increase your off-page SEO?

Yes, there are various other methods as well to increase your off-page SEO and to gain more backlinks.

There are similar methods for off-page SEO like directory submission like Article Submission, Social Bookmarking, Search Engine Submission, etc.

In all these methods, you need to submit your website just like you submit you website into directory submission sites.


I hope this article gives you the idea about directory submission sites and clarify all your doubts as well about how to generate more traffic and revenue for your blog or website by getting free backlinks.

I mentioned this various times in this post, but I would like to mention it once again. That the only thing to take care of in the method directory submission sites is that while submitting your website to any of the web directories is that regardless you are submitting to a paid or free directory, never forget to check the authority and spam score of the directory.

If you still have any doubts regarding directory submission sites or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

Directory Submission Sites
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Generate high-quality links to your website by submitting your websites to various directory submission sites. A list of 200+ directories is shared with you for you.

Use this list and increase your authority and backlinks to your website and rank your site on Google search engine.

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